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Chameleon Financial is a professional services firm that specialises in providing strategic solutions that are unique and adapted to our clients’ needs.

Just as the Chameleon (pronounced kuh-mee-lee-uhn) changes its colour to adapt to its emotional and environmental surrounds, we understand that each client’s circumstances and needs are unique too and so we strive to offer practical solutions that are suited to each individual.

Our focus is on building relationships with clients who understand the importance of comprehensive financial planning in today’s complex world. Our ultimate aim is your financial independence.

Suzanne Sykes
Suzanne SykesFinancial Planner
Dip FP, Fellow of the NTAA, AFA
Authorised Representative Number: 263288
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I’m Suzanne Sykes and I’m the face of Chameleon Financial. I’ve been helping clients around Australia articulate what financial security means to them and then putting in place strategies to achieve it via financial and taxation planning for over 20 years.

Now based in Tasmania, I service clients from across Australia. My holistic financial advice business grew out of the fact that I saw so many Australians approach their finances without a ‘where to’ map of what an independent financial future looked like for them. This is why, when you make an appointment with us, our goal is to dig down and discover what financial security looks like to you.

Caring for my clients’ financial futures is my main priority at Chameleon Financial. Many of my clients have been with me for 20 years or more and in that time I’ve helped them weather many market ups and downs. I have enjoyed seeing the real difference planning and well thought out strategies can make in their lives.


I hold a Diploma of Financial Planning. I am a Fellow of the National Tax & Accountants’ Association, a Registered Tax Agent and an Accredited Mortgage Consultant with a Diploma of Financial Services (Finance/ Mortgage Broking Management). I am also a member of the MFAA (Mortgage & Finance Association of Australia) and the AFA (Association of Financial Advisers).